Are thigh Gaps Attractive? Here’s The Cold Truth!

are thigh gaps attractive
Are thigh gaps attractive

Over the past decades, there has been an increasing obsession with women to know: are thigh gaps attractive? A thigh gap is a visible area between a woman’s legs so that the thighs don’t touch, for those who don’t know.

According to a study from the National Eating Disorders Association, by the age of 6, girls especially begin to express anxieties about their own weight or shape. 40-60% of elementary school girls (ages 6-12) are worried about their weight or becoming too fat. And according to the research, this concern endures throughout life.

Some women have been told that a thigh gap is something to get because guys find it incredibly attractive and sexy. Even though it may be true for some guys, not every guy would say thigh gaps are attractive.

Another 2016 Survey from Girls Attitudes found that 59% of girls between 17 and 21 feel they should lose weight.

Don’t let anyone, including society and social media, dictate your attractiveness based on a thigh gap. Know that beauty and looking hot come from more than one aspect of who you are. Be unapologetically yourself, and you will attract the right guy. 

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What Is A Thigh Gap?

A thigh gap is an area between a female’s upper-mid thigh, right under her lady parts. And you might have guessed it, the bigger the gap, the more “attractive” the woman is. Or at least it is what the fashion industry and the cosmetic world have led us to believe for years.

Think of thigh gaps as a simple female feature – like green eyes, Dimples of Venus, or pouty lips. Some were naturally born with it, and others worked hard to develop it.

If you do not have a thigh gap, don’t worry about it! Every person has a different preference for what he considers sexy. There are so many other elements of your personality that a guy finds attractive than a simple gap between your legs.

Check out this video from Fitness Blender, a website dedicated to making health and fitness attainable, affordable, and approachable. They discussed the truth about thigh gaps and some myths about how to get a thigh gap.

The Truth About Thigh Gaps – The Myth About How to Get A Thigh Gap – FitnessBlender

Are Thigh Gaps Attractive?

Thigh gaps are attractive for some men because they indicate that the woman values good physical fitness and being in great shape. But I will not be a deal-breaker for the large majority of men who are interested in women.

And much like how I would expect most women wouldn’t turn down a guy solely because of the shape of his calves or the vascularity of his forearms, and also most men not to turn down a woman because of the presence or absence of a thigh gap.

A thigh gap might be aesthetically pleasing but not ultimately a non-essential trait. As long as you are healthy, then it’s all good.

In this short video, a few men answered the question: are thigh gaps attractive? Most guys either don’t know what a thigh gap is or never notice it. They also shared what they secretly think about thigh gaps.

Most men find your smile, eyes, and face more attractive than a thigh gap. The key takeaway from this short video is that most men are looking for what IS there instead of what is NOT there.

What Men Secretly Think About Thigh Gaps – As/Is

Why Are Thigh Gaps Attractive?

Thigh gaps are attractive because they are secondary sexual characteristics like breasts and wide hips (in women) and hairy chests and wide shoulders (in men).

A thigh gap is one of the physical things that correlates with being a woman. All physical differences between men and women can be attractive because they contribute to the signal “potential mate.”

The trouble only starts when we fetishize anything to the point where it becomes unreasonable, and girls start starving themselves in pursuit of a magic gap. People begin abusing women just for having a particular bone structure.

And according to the Body Image Center, 89% of girls have dieted by age 17. In other words, females feel shame because of their size and are so ashamed that they admit to lying about it.

Usually, men who are into fitness and understand the human body are not looking at a woman’s thigh gaps; they look for overall tone and definitions. Only the guys who follow trends in fashion would be concerned with thigh gaps.

Are Thigh Gaps Attractive
Are thigh Gaps Attractive – The Cold Truth –

Is a Thigh Gap Good For You?

A lot of people argue that a thigh gap is unhealthy. That is just flat-out wrong. A thigh gap does not mean anorexia. And it isn’t very kind to women who are naturally shaped like that.

Guess what: you can have a thigh gap and have curves—many women do.

Certain people are genetically predisposed to slim legs and thighs, while others are genetically predisposed to having larger thighs and legs.

Some people might think that getting thigh gaps could harm their health. That’s fake news – thigh gaps have nothing to do with women’s health as long as you adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet. Aiming to get a thigh gap might motivate you to work out and stay active.

Since females have to do tough workouts to get thigh gaps, we can say that a thigh gap is good for you and your health. Remember that exercise keeps your body in good shape by burning extra calories.

Girls adopt different kinds of workouts to get skinny legs and develop the gap between their thighs. These workouts focus on the enhanced fat-burning mechanism that leads to achieving thigh gaps.

Legs represent our body’s most critical area, and fatty thighs have a heavy load on the knees. Most people suffer from heavy thighs because heavy legs can be excruciating for your whole physique. People with fatty thighs might lose their ability to stand.

Furthermore, heavy thighs might result in severe rashes between the legs if you walk or run.

Thigh gaps are good unless you’re skinny and have skinny thighs. In this case, leg workouts can help reduce the gap by building mass.

Getting thigh gaps requires determination and effort because you target an area of your body that isn’t easy to mold.

Most guys find a thigh gap attractive, but not overwhelmingly so. Guys see and notice it because it usually indicates nicely shaped long legs. However, no guy will reject a woman because of her thigh gap or lack thereof.

Do not starve yourself to get a thigh gap; if you want one, follow these 33 Best Exercises For Thigh Gap With Videos.

And set and pursue fitness goals that improve your body’s health and quality of life – not just empty goals that are, at best, unattainable and diminishing your well-being.

Final Thoughts

Having a thigh gap is never a deal-breaker when it comes to the attractiveness of a woman.

Do you know what is even more attractive? Being fit, exercising, and eating healthy food. You will feel good and look marvelous.

Nothing is more attractive and irresistible than a confident woman, and most men will agree.

Instead of asking yourself, are thigh gaps attractive? Try to push yourself towards fitness goals that make you feel vibrant, strong, healthy, and happy, and I promise you will love the changes you see in your body and mindset.


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