Is It Ok to Wear Sports Bra Everyday? (Here’s the truth!)

Is It Ok to Wear Sports Bra Everyday
Is It Ok to Wear Sports Bra Everyday? (Here’s the truth!) –

Bras have been a divisive symbol; some consider them a ludicrous invention, others as emancipation tools. And, nowadays, some women wear sports bras outside of the gym as a fashion statement. While other women almost live in their sports bras. You might ask, is it ok to wear a sports bra every day?

As a general rule, it is ok to wear a sports bra every day as long as it fits properly. However, it is advisable not to wear sports bras every day to avoid weakening the muscles that hold the breasts and encourage sagging, technically known as “ptosis” 

Read on to find out all the benefits and side effects of wearing sports bras based on scientific research and how to choose the appropriate sports bras to minimize all the side effects of wearing sports bras.

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Should You Wear a Sports Bra Daily?

Originally, sports bras were designed solely for working out, but they have become far more versatile in recent years. In fact, sales of sports bras were projected to increase from $9 billion in 2019 to $38.4 billion by 2026, according to a study.

Although the ligaments provide the needed support, breasts might eventually feel sore, pain, and sag for most women. And females wear sports bras to help lift their breasts and prevent soreness, pain, and sagging. 

Generally, well-supporting bras are great at reducing the downward pull that breasts have on your chest. In addition, sports bras are great when a female engages in physical activity, such as strength training, dancing, and running, providing the required sport to avoid causing strain to the breasts.

However, it is better to be braless during your sleeping time or at home. And, ensure you wear the proper bra size to avoid potential damage to your breast, especially if you wear encapsulation sports bras, compression sports bras, and underwire sports bras.

Can You Wear a Sports Bra as a Top?

As a general rule, a sports bra can be worn as a top. They are cute and designed to support and give appropriate coverage either with a shirt or on their own. In addition, they are a great way to stay dry and cool and perfect for any outdoor activity, such as biking, hiking, or playing volleyball, soccer, or basketball

However, it is not recommended to wear sports bras to a dinner party.

Benefits of Wearing Sports Bras 

There are several advantages to wearing sports bras, making them interesting and essential items in your wardrobe.

1- Sports Bras Are Comfortable and Offer Great Support

Running or other high-impact aerobic exercises usually cause boobs to bounce up and down, which over time can break down connective tissue. And, sports bras offer more than comfort; they are specifically designed to keep your breast from jiggling. 

Also, adequate breast support is a significant benefit for women who have physically demanding jobs, including moms with young kids constantly on the go. A supportive sports bra preserves the bust line while they are running after their toddlers.

Sports bras are designed to provide you with lots of support and prevent pain, especially when doing high-impact exercises. And, compared to a regular bra, sports bras don’t have a wire and offer you more support. 

In addition, a sports bra can be a good alternative if you struggle with wired bras. 

2- Sports Bras Helps Manage Sweat 

Wearing sports bras helps with sweat management, especially during HIIT, Crossfit, strength training, and cardio exercises. 

Sports bras help hold your breasts tight and do not allow movement. They also prevent sweat and uncomfortable smells. 

In addition, wearing a sports bra can be an excellent choice, mainly if you experience a lot of boob sweat and summertime

Selecting the right size is very important because if you choose the wrong size, there are chances of stretch marks, so wear it when required, mostly during exercises or running. 

​​Additionally, sports bras are also excellent for everyday wear, especially during hot weather. Because most sports bras are made with moisture-wicking material, they can help to keep you dry and cool on hot days.

3- Sports Bras Provide More Sport Than Regular Bras

Many sports bras are designed to minimize the breasts keeping your breasts looking perky. 

Breasts move far more than regular bras are designed to cope with, found a study from the University of Portsmouth.

Therefore, wearing a super supportive sports bra can help to protect your bust line and ward off any unanticipated drooping.

4- Offers Ultimate Comfort

Sports bra reduces the movement of the breast and minimizes bounce during exercises. And, wearing a sports bra gives immense support compared to wearing a regular bra, especially during workouts

In addition, sports bras are made with high-quality fabric, offering you appropriate coverage and enjoying your workouts. 

5- Sports Bra Helps Prevent Injuries and Reduces Pain

Working out always comes with risks of injuries since an intense movement might cause movement in the muscles and breasts’ ligaments. 

Wearing the proper size sports bra during your workouts can help you limit the extreme movement of the breast and helps prevent injury

In addition, unsupported breasts can be painful and embarrassing, especially during workouts. And, it is also possible to cause a permanent droop from the stretching of the Coopers Ligaments holding up the breasts. 

Sports bras are usually made from technical fabrics that wick moisture from the skin, which regulates temperature during workouts better than an everyday bra.

Side Effects of Wearing Sports Bra

Like anything in life, there are some side effects of wearing a sports bra.

1- Wearing The Wrong Bra Size May Cause Breasts Damage

A study tested about 50 bra designs on hundreds of women for three years. The researchers showed that breasts move up and down, in and out, and from side to side, and move up to 21cm while women exercise. 

About 64 percent of women wear the wrong bra size for their bodies, according to a study comprising 10,000 women.

Without realizing it, some women could be damaging their breasts, because they are wearing the wrong bra size. concluded the study led by Dr. Joanna Scurr, breast biomechanics research team at the University of Portsmouth, England. 

2- Generally, Bras Are a False Necessity

 A 15-year study from the University of Besançon in eastern France, including 330 women aged 18 to 35, concluded that “medically, physiologically, and anatomically,” breasts do not benefit from wearing bras every day.  

Even though wearing a bra is considered to be a false necessity. And in addition, the lead researcher concluded that the study is not representative of all women.

Women who didn’t wear a bra regularly experienced greater comfort, less “sagging” over time, and less back pain.

In this study, the researchers concluded that women who didn’t wear a bra regularly experienced greater comfort, less “sagging” over time, and less back pain

In other words, bras are a false necessity, according to the lead researcher. 

3- Sports Bras Are Often Too Tight to Wear for Extended Periods

The issue with wearing a sports bra is that many of them are too tight, which may weaken back muscles, cause shoulder discomfort, and wreak havoc on your posture

However, choosing the right size and comfortable sports bras can help you prevent it. 

Variety of Sports Bras

Sports bras, in general, come in three varieties and two basic styles. The three varieties are for the different levels of exercise you’re doing: light, moderate, and high impact.

  • Light impact for mild workouts such as walking, meditation, yoga, or stretching.
  • Moderate for jogging, strength training, or biking
  • High impact for running, tennis, or team sports.

The two styles are compression and molded cups, with or without underwires.

  • The most popular sports bra is the compression bra because they squeeze (compresses) the breasts closer to your chest. Wearing this kind of bra helps prevent bounces while exercising. Wearing a compression-style sports bra might not be good for your breasts. Having your breasts squeezed against your chest all day, every day, would not be good for them. Ensure you choose the right sports bras size. 
  • Molded cups are designed to encapsulate your breasts and prevent them from jiggling, bouncing, or moving at all. Even though the cup is fashioned to fit your breast, it still uses compression to keep your breasts in place and prevent them from moving. While molded cups sports bras are not as damaging as the compression style, they still are not meant for all-day, everyday wear.

Choose the Appropriate Size

Even though, it is ok to wear sports bras; however, you must pick sports bras that fit you correctly. 

Tips For Choosing Sports Bras That Suit You Best

  • If possible, get fitted by a professional to check that you are wearing the correct size
  • Ensure that you are getting sufficient support from your sports bras and don’t cause any unnecessary discomfort. 
  • Signs that your sports bras are too small – If you notice your sports bras leaving marks on your shoulders or torso, pressing your skin, or making it difficult for you to breathe comfortably.
  • It might also not be good for your breast tissue to wear a compression sports bra all the time because these types of sports bras tend to give you uni-boob and look unflattering. 
  • If you choose to wear a sports bra every day, you can wear an encapsulation sports bra because some provide an excellent shape. 

Wrapping Up 

Overall, wearing a bra all the time can sometimes cause redness and itchiness and may hurt your shoulder and back. Try to give your breast a break, especially at night time or when you are not exercising.

So, what should you do? I would recommend going braless for a while and seeing how your body feels and if you like it.

And when choosing a bra, ensure: 

  • You are choosing the right size and the right fit
  • You are wearing your bra properly 
  • Avoid wearing any bra that is too tight
  • The most important thing to consider is your breast health. 


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Bras have been a divisive symbol; some consider them a ludicrous invention, others as emancipation tools. And, nowadays, some women wear sports bras outside of the gym as a fashion statement. While other women almost live in their sports bras. You might ask, is it ok to wear sports bra everyday?