Crystal Light: Does it Count as Water?

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Are you looking to boost your daily water intake but have difficulty drinking plain water? Good news. Many flavored water can help you spruce up your H2O. Crystal water is taking water in its purest form and adding synthetic or natural ingredients to make it tasty. But does crystal light count as water?

As long as crystal light has no caffeine, no sugar, and minimal sodium, it counts as water intake. In addition, adding Crystal Light, especially Crystal Light Pure, to your drink doesn’t take away any of the benefits of water.

This guide will discuss all the intake of crystalline water. Let’s move down together to explore Crystal Light’s potential benefits and safety. You might also enjoy reading: Can You Actually Juice a Banana (Here’s the Truth!)

Crystal Light: Does it Count as Water
Crystal Light: Does it Count as Water? –

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Is Drinking Flavored Water The Same as Drinking Water?

You get about five calories for every 8-ounce (0.24 ml) glass of a Crystal Light drink from the classic line, including the classic orange flavor. That makes Crystal Light an excellent alternative to sodas and other beverages full of sugar and calories, even though plain water is the best.

Always remember that drinking plain water is always better. Crystal light is better than pop, for sure, but not an ok substitute for water. In the long run, the sweetener can make you crave more sugar for some people.

I would recommend you limit your Crytal light intake instead. Build good habits by setting a timer to drink water. Or match it with plain water intake; for instance, you can drink a water bottle for every bottle of Crystal Light.
Once your body gets used to getting sufficient water, it will start craving it, and drinking water will become instinctive.

Plain water is more hydrating. But sometimes, flavored waters, including Crystal Light, contain more sodium and chemicals, making the body less hydrated than pure water. So if the sodium is too high, Crystal Light may make you less hydrated.

Better to have crystal light water than (low water intake) no water at all. Besides, adding Crystal Light to your regular glass of water can make drinking water a lot more fun for many people.

Crystal Light is a brand with a broad range of drinks in various flavors. The drinks contain low or no calories and sugar and no fat, but they don’t have any nutrients either.

Crystal water can be a healthy alternative for beverages as many benefits are coupled with it. So, people tend to take this kind of water.

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 Is Crystalline Water Safe?

Crystal Light (AKA Crystal Lite) offers several flavors you can choose from, and some include caffeine. In addition, you can either get Crystal Light in powder form or a ready-to-drink liquid formulation. You just need to add either the liquid or the powder to your water.

The two main ingredients included in Crystal Light (artificial colors and aspartame) are the source of controversy around Crystal Light.

Artificial food dyes may cause behavioral problems in children, and allergic reactions, such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), claimed a study issued by the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

In another study from Harvard Health Publishing, an FDA panel revealed that there isn’t enough evidence to determine that artificial food dyes cause or add to behavior problems in most children, including hyperactivity and distractibility.

The panel noted that some children with ADHD might be vulnerable to food colorings and other food additives.
The panel pointed out that the additives are not toxic to the nervous system but that certain children are intolerant to them.

But if you still want to avoid both additives because you are concerned about the main ingredient safety, try Crystal Light Pure, a more natural version of Crystal Light containing no artificial zero sweeteners, zero flavors, and zero preservatives (according to its manufacturer) 

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Is Crystal Light Good for Hydration?

Dehydration is a water deficiency that is resulted from insufficient intake of water. Some people think that taking crystal water will help them to overcome dehydration. But it is not a good option to fulfill the water deficiency.

For this purpose, nothing is good than normal water. The use of crystal water for this purpose should be an option only when you don’t have plain water

Does Crystal Light With Caffeine Count As Water Intake?

Mostly, people think that the intake of crystalline water may result in water deficiency. However, it’s not valid as any drink below 400 mg a day of caffeine Crystal light counts as water intake.

Keep in mind that below 400 mg a day of caffeine, most caffeine-containing drinks can count towards your daily fluid intake. 

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Is Drinking Flavoured Water Healthy? 

Choosing healthier drinks is an essential element of staying healthy and keeping your diet balanced. 

Many soft and flavored drinks, including Crystal Light, are high in sugar, and drinks high in sugar are usually high in calories, and consuming too many calories may lead to gaining weight.

In addition, some energy drinks are loaded with both sugar and caffeine. Ensure you check the nutrition labels on flavored beverages, including Crystal Light, which can contribute to helping you make healthier choices.

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Final Thoughts

Different beverages may have different results for different people. Some may result in water deficiency, and some may also lead to dehydration. Also, different people may use different sweeteners as an alternative to plain water.

There are different effects of crystal water on a person; some may be allergic, particularly those who suffer from chronic diseases. Ensure you read the product label to control your sugar and artificial ingredients intake.


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Are you looking to boost your daily water intake but have difficulty drinking plain water? Good news. Many flavored waters can help you spruce up your H2O. Crystal water is taking water in its purest form and adding synthetic or natural ingredients to make it tasty. But does crystal light count as water?