24 Most Effective Exercises to Get Bigger Butt Based On Science [With Videos]

How To Get Bigger Buttocks With Exercise at Home?
How To Get Bigger Buttocks With Exercise at Home?

Getting bigger buttocks might help void your lower back, prevent knee strain and injury, and build a robust and balanced base that helps you in your everyday activities.

Harvard Health Publishing observed glute helps to stabilize your body before any movement occurs. As a result, a weak glute limits this stabilization, and sometimes weaker muscles have to compensate, which can lead to back strains and other related problems

In addition, Dr. Jeremy James, founder of the Aspen Club Back Institute, observed that gluteal activation and strength might help void chronic back pain.

Glutes have the potential to be the most important and the most powerful muscle of your entire body. You need to give them more attention than what is traditionally given to them during the popular training program.

This vital muscle group made up of your gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus is a crucial player in explosive moves like jumping and sprinting.

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Beginner Exercises to Get Bigger Buttocks

Let’s start with the most effective beginner exercises to tone your buttocks.

1- Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is a must if you want to get bitter buttocks and strengthen their backside because it pushes your butt to work against gravity at an optimal angle.

You can also combine it with a resistance band around your knees to stimulate your side glutes more.

How To Do Hip Thrust:

  • Lie flat with your knees twisted and feet hip-width separated.
  • Put hands on the floor right beneath your shoulders, fingers facing away from your body.
  • Compress glutes and raise hips into a tabletop pose.
  • Concentrate on holding your neck long and not scrunching your shoulders.
  • Stay for a count of 5 and slowly lower hips to the floor.
At-Home Hip Thrust Demo for Glute Strength – Yoga by Candace

2- Glute bridge

The Bridge will work not only your glutes but also your back and abs. Plus, it might even help relieve some back pain.

How To Do Glute Bridge:

  • Lie flat on your back, your feet facing the floor, and your knees bent.
  • Press your glutes and raise your hips off of the floor till your body forms a straight line from your knees over your shoulders.
  • Rest at the top, then lower back down to the origin position.
  • Be sure not to hyperextend at the top of the move.
  • Try to aim for three to four sets of 15 to 25 reps.
How To Do A Glute Bridge | The Right Way – Well+Good

3- Side skaters

If you are brand-new to an exercise routine, try aiming for two sets of 20 reps. For more of a challenge, do side skaters for one minute, then move through two more minute-long sets, varying with short periods of rest and recovery.

You will sense the burn with this move, making your buttocks bigger fast.

How To Do Side Skaters:

  • Begin in a small squat. Hop sideways to the left, descending on your left leg. 
  • Bring your right leg back to your left ankle, and do not let it reach the floor.
  • Swing direction by jumping to the right with your right leg makes one rep.
How to Do a Skater | Sexy Legs Workout – Howcast

4- Chair squat jump

How to Do Chair Squat Jump:

  • Performing a chair squat is an excellent way to learn the mechanics of a squat because in a squat, you always imagine as if you are sitting back in a chair.
  • Stand in front of a firm chair or sofa with your feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart.
  • Flex your knees, shift your hips back and pretend you are going to take a seat.
  • Let your knees stretch past your toes.
  • Lower down until you are nearly touching the chair, and then stand back up. Don’t lock your knees when you stand up—always keep them ‘soft.’
Chair Squat & Single Leg Squat | Boot Camp Workout – Howcast

5- Basic squat

How To Do Basic Squats With Proper Form:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Slowly pushing down your knees to the side while moving your hips back.
  • Move down your hips until they are lower than your knees.
  • Move up while keeping your knees out and chest up.
  • Stand up with your hips and knees locked at the top.
  • Then take a big breath, hold it and perform your next rep. Repeat until you have done five reps
Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge Workout – blogilates

6- Walking lunge

How To Do Walking Lunge:

  • Stand up upright, feet joined together, and take a controlled step forward with your right leg, lessening your hips toward the floor by turning both knees to 90-degree angles. 
  • Press your right heel into the ground, and push off with your left foot to bring your left leg forward, stepping with control into a lunge on the other side. 
The Walking Lunge – CrossFit®

7- Squat Pulse

How To Do Squat Pulse:

  • Stand up with your feet hip-width separated and hands clasped in front of your chest. 
  • Push your hips back and turn your knees to lower into a squat. 
  • Lift your body a couple of inches, then lower back down. 
Squat Pulses – BUILD A BOOTY! day 8 #bootychallenge – Rebecca Louise

8- Sumo Squat

How to Do Sumo Squat:

  • Hold your feet wider than your shoulders and your arms at your sides. 
  • Turn your feet slightly outward.
  • Holding your chest up and core engaged, push your hips back, turn your knees, and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. As you squat down, begin bringing your hands together in front of your chest.
  • Rest and then return to the starting position.
Squat, Sumo – FitnessBlender

Intermediate Exercises to Get Bigger Buttocks

1- Curtsy squat

How To Do Curtsy Squat:

  • Stand up with your feet hip-width aside, hands on your hips. 
  • Take a long step back with your right leg, crossing it back to your left. 
  • Turn your knees and lower your hips till your left thigh is nearly parallel to the floor. 
  • Hold your torso straight and your hips and shoulders as square as possible to the wall in front of you.
  • Return to your starting form and repeat on the opposite side.
  • Make sure your front knee straightens with your front ankle. Maintain your core engaged and your shoulders back.
How to Do a Curtsy Squat I Sexyfit Coaching – Zlata at Sexyfit

2- Single Leg Deadlift

Single-Leg Deadlift is a workout that you should perform slowly to get the most out of it. If the exercise feels easy, check that your heel is lifted to the same level as your hips.

If this is hard, start lower and move it up over time.

How To Do Single Leg Deadlift:

  • Stand up on one leg with the other leg slightly turned.
  • Bend the knee of the standing leg and propel your hips back, bending at the waist to lean your upper body towards the floor.
  • Utilize your hips to get back up to the starting position. Your goal is to stay stable during the whole exercise. If you are feeling very shaky, hold on to something for support and reduce the range of movement.
Single-Leg Deadlift – Glute Strengthening Exercises for Runners – 3v

3- Donkey Kick

The Donkey Kick is a favorite move for targeting the glutes. It works great when combined with the fire hydrant for an all-around glute pump.

How To Do A Donkey Kick:

  • Get on your hands and knees. Ensure your knees and feet are hip-width apart, and your hands should be directly under your shoulders.
  • Strengthen your core to prevent your midsection from sagging or arching throughout the workout.
  • Squeeze your glutes to activate them, and lift one leg behind you, keeping the knee bent at 90° till the sole faces toward the ceiling.
  • Elevate your leg as high as you can while holding the rest of your body.
  • Then bring it slowly back down to the starting position.
  • Do not allow your lower back to arch as your leg lifts; it makes you rely on your back rather than your glutes, which compresses your spine and neglects the muscles you intend to boost.
Donkey Kicks – LivestrongWoman

4- Diagonal squat

How To Do Diagonal Squat:

  • Stand up with your feet farther than hip-width and arms at your sides.
  • Move the right foot back on a diagonal, send your hips back, and bend the right knee. Your left leg should be straight with your foot flexed.
  • Hold your chest up and abs engaged. Return to starting position.
  • Repeat on the other side.
Diagonal squats – Mums get fit

5- Side lunge shift

Aside from strengthening your front thighs and glutes, Side Lunges add extra work for your inner and outer thighs.

How To Do Side Lunge Shift:

  • Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes aimed straight forward. Move out with your right foot as far as possible.
  • Engage through the right heel as you loosen your hips and back while keeping the left leg straight, tightening the groin on the left leg, and holding both soles of the feet on the ground and toes aimed straight forward.
  • Make sure your right knee follows the whole movement over your right foot. Vigorously “punch” your right heel into the floor to propel yourself back to the full standing start position.
  • Make sure you sit down and back, like in a basic squat, rather than hinging at the hips. Also, plant your foot tight on the ground at full extension, and hold your toes pointed forward during the whole move.
How to Do Side Lunges for Lean Legs | Health – Health Magazine

6- Power Lunge

How To Do Power Lunge:

  • Stand up with your feet hip-width separated and your core body engaged.
  • Take one big step back with your right foot and descend into a low lunge, bending both knees 90 degrees.
  • Pivot your right leg forward as you concurrently straighten your right leg and jump, bringing your right knee to hip height.
  • Land smoothly on the ball of your left foot and instantly lower your right foot back into a lunge, flowing directly into the next rep.
  • After you have finished all of your reps on one side, continue on the other side.
How to Do a Power Lunge | Boot Camp Workout – Howcast

7- Squat Jump 

How To Do Squat Jump:

  • Stand up tall with your feet shoulder-width separated. Alternatively, you can hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides, palms facing in.
  • Hold your chest up, core engaged, and back flat. Push your hips back and lower your body till your thighs are lateral to the floor.
  • Propel yourself back up explosively, jumping straight up.
  • Land softly, lowering yourself quickly into your next rep.
How to Do a Squat Jump | Boot Camp Workout – Howcast

8- Pop Squat

How To Do Pop Squat:

  • Begin standing with your feet together and hands at your chest.
  • Hop your feet wide and sit back into a wide squat, engaging your glutes and turning both knees till your thighs are lateral to the floor. Touch the floor with your right hand.
  • Hop your feet wide and sit back into a wide squat, engaging your glutes and turning both knees till your thighs are lateral to the floor. Touch the floor with your right hand.
  • Continue to do pop squats, shifting the hand that you tap to the floor each time.
Pop Squats | Exercise Guide – Bodybuilding.com

Advanced Exercises to Get Bigger Buttocks

1- Bulgarian Split Squat

This single-leg workout can be quite challenging but effective in helping you make your buttocks bigger.

How To Do The Bulgarian Split Squat:

  • Stand up in front of a couch, chair, or anything similar.
  • Hold one foot on the raised surface behind you.
  • Squat forward by flexing your knee and hip of your front leg.
  • Start from the floor with the heel of your front leg to get back up. During this movement, most of your weight should be on the front leg; the back leg supports you. The front knee is aimed toward the toes.
  • Repeat the rep with the other leg.
How to Do a Bulgarian Split Squat | Female Bodybuilding – Howcast

2- Fire Hydrant

This butt workout is fantastic for an intense glute pump and for making your buttocks bigger.

How To Do Fire Hydrant:

  • Start by getting on your hands and knees.
  • Keep your right leg turned at 90 degrees.
  • Elevate your leg out to your right side, holding it at hip height. 
  • Return to starting position and repeat for the other side.
FIRE HYDRANT EXERCISE (stability) – The Helm

3- Glute Kickback

How To Do Glute Kickback:

  • Bend on the floor with your hands in a press-up position.
  • Slowly elevate one of your legs until your hamstrings align with your back.
  • Contract the glutes through the movement and hold stretched for a second once fully extended.
  • Reverse to the starting position and repeat with your other leg.
How to Do a Bent Knee Glute Kickback | Sexy Butt – Howcast

4- Single Leg Glute Bridge

The single-leg bridge is a more challenging variation workout of the Bridge. It is a powerful exercise to make the buttocks bigger.

How To Do Single Leg Glute Bridge:

  • Lie on your mat flat on your back with your arms out to the side, knees flexed, and feet even on the floor, hip-width separated. 
  • Keep your thighs adjusted, and straighten one leg, so your toes point up. 
  • Squeeze your glutes to lift your hips equally off the floor.
  • Return to starting position and repeat for the other side.
How to Do a Single Leg Bridge | Thighs Workout – Howcast

5- Jumping Lunge

How To Do Jumping Lunge:

  • Stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • With your core body engaged, hop your left foot forward and your right foot back, turning both knees, so you descend into a lunge.
  • Hop both feet back to starting position.
  • Now jump your right foot forward and left foot back, and descend into a lunge on the other side.
  • Proceed jumping and alternating sides every time you land.
  • You might make this movement more challenging by shifting your feet midair and quickly dropping into a lunge each time.
How to Do a Jumping Lunge | Plyometric Exercises – Howcast

6- Marching Glute Bridge

This exercise requires excellent hip stability. You can add it as a warm-up exercise for other workouts.

How To Do Marching Glute Bridge:

  • Lie flat facing up with your knees bent and your feet hip-width distance apart.
  • Engage your core so your low back is pushed against the floor. From this engaged position, lift your hips, pressing your glutes at the top.
  • Hold a little bit. 
  • Momentarily lift your right foot off the floor, move your knee toward your chest, and rest when you have hinged your hip to about 90 degrees.
  • Replace your foot on the floor and quickly lift your left foot off the floor to repeat on the other side.
  • Proceed to march, alternating your feet, all while preserving lifted hips.
How to Do the Glute Bridge March | Abs Workout – Howcast

7- Bodyweight Squat

How To Do Bodyweight Squat:

  • Begin standing up with your feet just wider than hip-width separated and engage your core.
  • Hinge at your hips, sending your butt back, and bend both knees till your thighs are parallel to the floor. Concentrate on the move coming from your hips, glutes, and hamstrings, and not your knees and quads. 
  • Stand by pressing your glutes and revert to your starting position.
How to Do a Body-Weight Squat | Health – Health Magazine

8- The Dumbbell Deadlift

How To Do The Dumbbell Deadlift:

  • Hold your dumbbells or anything similar with an overhand grip, arms stretched to the floor in front of your thighs, feet hip-width separated, and knees slightly turned.
  • Without bending your knees more or rounding your back, hinge at the hips to lower your hands and upper body towards the floor.
  • Rest, and then revert to the start position.
The Dumbbell Deadlift – CrossFit®

9- Step-Ups

How to Do Step-Ups:

  • Stand up in front of a bench or anything similar around knee height. It is optional to hold dumbbells at your sides.
  •  Elevate your left knee and put your left foot in the middle of the bench. 
  • Holding your chest up and shoulders back, push through your left foot, squeeze your glutes, straighten your left knee, and return to a standing position with both feet atop the bench.
  • Rest, and then slowly lower your body back to the starting position.
  • Do equal reps on each side.
How to Do Step-Ups – LIVESTRONG.COM

10- Reverse or Backward Lunges

How To Do Reverse or Backward Lunges:

  • Stand up tall with your feet hip-width separated.
  • Move back with one foot till your front knee is bent at about 90 degrees. A small forward lean at the torso will maintain the glute work but do not lean too far ahead.
  • Leave off from the floor with the front heel to return.
  • Repeat the movement on the other side.
How to Do Reverse or Backward Lunges – He and She Eat Clean

How To Get Bigger Buttocks With Exercise at Home?

With these exercises, you will be able to sculpt and strengthen your glutes. Harvard Health Publishing suggested focusing mainly on doing planks and lunges.

With these 24 exercises, you will be to design your own butt workout at home and get bigger buttocks.

Here is a suggestion on how to do it:

  • Choose 4-6 exercises to make your buttocks bigger.
  • Perform as many reps as needed to feel your glutes and hips working. Research showed that the highest net resultant forces appeared when the hip was in extension and when the gluteal muscles were weakened.
  • Repeat for 3-5 rounds
  • Do a butt workout at least three times a week. A study has shown that the major muscle groups should be trained at least twice a week to maximize muscle growth.
  • Do not forget to rest. 
  • Alternate with abs workouts that really work.
  • Choose exercises that encourage glute recruitment, i.e., glute-specific workouts that use glute.

Most importantly, choose the exercise that works best for you; we all have different anatomies. Make sure you feel the exercises in your glutes. If you cannot feel them, they might not be working correctly.

Wrapping Up

These exercises to make your buttocks bigger give you a good foundation for shaping your butt at home. Stay consistent and really feel your glutes burn after each workout. 

For maximum results, use verbal and tactile cues to motivate you and help you get bigger buttocks and strengthen your butt.

Research published in the Journal of Athletic Training demonstrates that muscle timing, activation amplitude, and movement can be modified with verbal cues.

Ready to start working out and get bigger buttocks and transform your body?

Add running to your training program. Find the fantastic benefits of running and find out what does running does to your body backed by science. 


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