How To Keep Your Skin Tight After Losing Seventy Pounds

Problems, such as loose or hanging skin, are becoming common these days as diets like keto are on the trend. Rapid and extreme weight loss is usually one of the reasons for developing loose skin. So, you might wonder how to keep your skin tight after losing seventy pounds.

Here’s how you can keep your skin tight after losing seventy pounds:

Read on to find out what causes skin loosening. And how to keep your skin tight after losing seventy pounds. You might also enjoy reading: See also: 30 Best Tips To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain and Look Fabulous!

How To Keep Your Skin Tight After Losing Seventy Pounds
How To Keep Your Skin Tight After Losing Seventy Pounds –

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How Does Loose Skin Develop?

Rapid weight loss is one of the most common reasons behind loose skin. When we get rid of a lot of weight, more than 70 pounds, our skin does not get the time it requires to adjust. Since losing such a huge amount of fat is a kind of shock to the body, our skin cells can’t contract within time.

It is the reason why obese people lose weight suddenly; their skin tends to hang from their belly, arms, or chest area. It may generally happen when you lose weight through exercise and diet, but it usually happens more to weight-loss surgery patients.

How Many Pounds of Loss Cause Loose Skin?

Generally, people who get rid of more than 100 pounds (45.36 kg) are the most at risk of getting loose skin (1). Several other factors can contribute to the development of loose skin. For example, age and type of diet.

Let’s discuss what causes skin loosening.

What Causes Skin Loosening?

There are a few factors that contribute to loose skin after weight loss.

Type of Diet 

If you are on a strict diet that has promises, you’ll see at least 20 pounds in less than a month. Then, you are at high risk of getting loose skin.

Diets, including keto, that help you achieve sudden weight loss often cause many side effects. And one of them is loose skin. So, make sure you are following a gradual weight loss diet

Your Age

As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity and can not recover from a sudden change like before. Young people up to the age of 30 can easily recover from loose skin because of rejuvenating powers.

However, if you are above 40 years and want to get rid of more than 70 pounds. Then, loose skin can be a big side effect because your skin has less collagen and tends to be looser after weight loss as you get older.

Weight Loss Surgery 

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery removes excess fat from the body of people with high obesity.

This is also a risk factor for getting hanging skin. But, doctors often perform operations to remove excess skin from the body after such surgeries. 

How To Keep Your Skin Tight After Losing Seventy Pounds

Here are the best ways to keep your skin tight during or after weight loss:

1- Gradually Lose Weight

Gradual or slow weight loss can seem like a time taking and exhausting task. But gradually losing weight will ensure that your skin gets the time to heal from all the changes it is going through.

It is the most effective option for preventing loose skin. And to be honest, a slow diet that doesn’t destroy your skin is better than one that gives negative side effects. 

2- Add Resistance Training To Your Fitness Routine

A study from the University of Copenhagen investigated the effects of 52 weeks of soccer or resistance training on muscle function and body composition in over 65-year-old healthy men.

The researchers concluded that long-term soccer training decreases BMI and improves anti-oxidative capacity, while long-term resistance training increases lean body mass in older men.

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3- Build Muscle Mass

You must follow an exercise routine that helps you build and maintain muscle mass, such as yoga, strength training, and martial arts.

Exercising will help tone your body, make your skin look tighter, and can also prevent loose skin. It is also recommended to adopt a clean diet with adequate amounts of protein through foods or supplements while working out. 

Even though all these techniques might work for you but the body-contouring procedure is the most popular and effective for removing loose skin. Since it can be easily performed on patients following drastic weight loss. 

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4- Take Collagen

Collagen is one the most abundant proteins in your body, and it has different critical roles, such as providing structure to your skin.

A randomized clinical trial confirmed that taking a collagen supplement enhances skin hydration, elasticity, roughness, and density and significantly improves skin appearance.

The researchers concluded that skin aging could be addressed using nutrients to restore skin hydration, elasticity, and density.

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5- Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is a natural and excellent way to improve your skin’s appearance.

Women who increased their daily water intake had significant skin hydration and function, found a study issued by the Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology.

According to the study, drinking more water might positively impact normal skin physiology, particularly in those individuals with lower daily water consumption.

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6- Add These Nutrients To Your Diet

Certain nutrients are essential for collagen production and other healthy skin components.

  • ProteinSufficient protein intake is essential for healthy skin. 
  • Vitamin C is also vital for collagen synthesis and helps prevent sun damage.
    • Daily usage of a vitamin C formulation for at least three months enhanced coarse wrinkles of the neck and face, showed a study.
    • Another study found that topically using a vitamin C formulation for 12 weeks improved overall skin texture and appearance.
    • Topical vitamin C is essential for skin health, according to Harvard Health Publishing.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, mainly found in fatty fish, may help improve skin elasticity and have anti-aging effects, according to research

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7- Body Contouring 

Body contouring (AKA body sculpting) is a medical or surgical procedure aiming to reshape an area of the body. It can eliminate fat and tighten skin.

Although these techniques are usually pretty expensive. You can use contouring techniques like body lifting or facelifting, which can be done to remove fat and tighten skin.

Seek medical advice from a professional and discuss it with your doctor before considering body contouring.

However, these treatments may not fully address the problem in all cases. But, minor cases of extra skin are usually treated with this method. 

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The Final Thoughts

Losing more than 100 pounds is a considerable risk factor for developing loose skin, especially if you are over the age of 40. Moreover, extreme weight loss without a proper exercise routine and protein supplementation can also cause this skin problem.

Being young may work to your advantage, but there is no saying it will prevent loose skin. There are surgeries and treatments present to remove this excess skin. However, they might not always be effective, and people have to live with the consequences.

More importantly, discuss with your doctor for professional and personalized medical advice.


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Problems, such as loose or hanging skin are becoming common these days as diets like keto are on the trend. Rapid and extreme weight loss is usually one of the reasons for developing loose skin. So, you might wonder how to keep your skin tight after losing seventy pounds?